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Ancestors of Anthony Carter (born Newton)

Name List

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Key: S=as a Spouse, C=as a Child, P=as a Parent


Machin, Vivien Julie (1945-2014)S,P,P
Malakounides, Georgios (      -      )S,P,P,P,P
Marett, Jane Louisa (1840-Bef 1880)S,C,C,P,P,P
Marett, Lydia (Abt 1845-      )C,C
Marett, Sophia (Abt 1842-      )C,C
Marett, Thomas (Abt 1815-      )S,P,P,P,P
Marett, Thomas (Abt 1843-      )C,C
Marlow, Albert E. (      -      )S
Marlow, Arthur Ernest (1882-1950)S,C,C,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P
Marlow, Arthur John E. (1913-      )C,C
Marlow, Catherine (Abt 1877-      )C,C
Marlow, Cecil Raymond (1923-      )C,C
Marlow, Charles William (1915-      )C,C
Marlow, Edith (Abt 1884-      )C,C
Marlow, Elizabeth Louisa (1873-1958)S,C,C,P,P,P
Marlow, George (Abt 1873-      )C,C
Marlow, George Samuel (Abt 1915-      )C,C
Marlow, Hilda May (Abt 1905-      )C,C
Marlow, Mabel (Abt 1879-      )C,C
Marlow, Marjorie Joyce (1926-      )C,C
Marlow, Samuel (Abt 1844-      )S,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P
Marlow, Samuel James (Abt 1888-      )C,C
Marlow, Thursa J. (Abt 1876-      )C,C
Marlow, Victor James (1920-1981)S,C,C,P
Marlow, Winifred Bessie (Abt 1906-      )C,C
Martin, Margaret Lilian (1907-      )S,P,P,P
Matthews, Mary Ann (Abt 1829-      )S,P,P,P,P
Mavromati, Eleni Alexandrou (      -      )S,P,P,P
May, Ellen Rebecca (Abt 1867-      )S,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P
Maynard, John (      -      )S,P
Maynard, Sarah (1733-1792)S,C,C,P
Mead, Diana (      -      )S,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P
Meader, Francis F. (      -      )S,P
Michalak, Jerczy (Cir 1929-2012)S,P,P,P
Michalio, Amalia (Abt 1913-Abt 1946/1947)S,C,C,P,P,P,P,P,P
Michalio, Andriathi (Abt 1918-2012)S,C,C,P
Michalio, Eleni (Abt 1914-Abt 1950)S,C,C,P,P,P,P
Michalio, Eleni Ioanni Poorkou (      -      )S,C,C,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P
Michalio, Grigoris Ioanni Poorkou (      -      )S,C,C,P,P,P,P
Michalio, Kosmas Ioanni Poorkou (      -      )S,C,C,P
Michalio, Marikka Z. (1915-1992)S,C,C,P
Michalio, Michalis Ioanni Poorkou (      -      )C,C
Michalio, Polyxeni (1917-Abt 1995)S,C,C,P
Michalio, Stavraki (      -      )C,C
Michalios, (      -Bef 1944)S,C,P,P,P,P,P,P,P
Miles, Martha (Abt 1792-Bef 1832)S,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P
Montgomorie, Beryl May Rozanne (Abt 1933-Abt 2011)S,P
Moody, Fanny Frances (1874-1966)S,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P
Moody, Mary Ann (1867-      )S,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P
Morris, Victoria Alice (1901-      )S
Mortymdroft, (      -      )S,C,P
Mortymdroft, John, Sir (      -      )P
Mottershead, Beryl Victoria May (1923-      )S,P,P,P
Moule, Edith Maude (1896-1981)S,P,P
Mountis, Michael E. (      -2015)S,P,P,P
Mourmouri, Athanasis Michael Hadjiioanni (      -      )C
Mourmouri, Christofis Michael Hadjiioanni (      -      )S,C
Mourmouri, Ioannis Michael Hadjiioanni (      -      )S,C,P,P,P,P,P
Mourmouri, Kyriakos Michael Hadjiioanni (      -      )S,C,P
Mourmouri, Marikkou (      -      )S,C,C,P,P,P
Mourmouri, Michalis Hadjiioannou (      -      )P,P,P,P,P
Mourmouri, Zacharias Michael Hadji Ioanni (      -Bef 1944)S,C,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,S,C,P,P,P,P,P,P,P
Moye, Annes (      -      )S,P,P,P,P,P,P,P

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No Surname, <, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, [M], N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z,


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