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Ancestors of Anthony Carter (born Newton)

Name List

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Key: S=as a Spouse, C=as a Child, P=as a Parent


Sanshan, Ellen, Lady (1468-1546)S,P,P
Sansom, Reginald M. (1920-      )S
Saunders, Elizabeth (Abt 1790-1871)S,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P
Savva, Efthimios (      -      )S,P
Savvides, Andreas Efthymiou Ioanni (1926-2002)S,C,C,P,P
Savvides, Andreas Neophitou (1937-2016)S,C,C,P,P,P
Savvides, Anna Ioanni (      -      )S,C,C,P,P,P
Savvides, Christina (1934-2020)S,C,C,P,P
Savvides, Dimitris (1934-2009)S,C,C,P,P,P
Savvides, Efthymios I. (1880-1942)S,S,S,S,C,C,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P
Savvides, Filokypros (      -      )C,C
Savvides, Filokypros (      -      )S,S,C,C,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P
Savvides, Filokypros (1932-1980)S,C,C,P,P,P
Savvides, Florentia (      -      )S,C,C,P,P
Savvides, Floros (      -      )S,S,C,C,P,P,P,P
Savvides, Ioannis (      -      )S,S,C,C,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P
Savvides, Ioulia (1930-      )S,C,C
Savvides, Ioulia I. (      -      )S,C,C,P,P
Savvides, Ioulia Yiannis (      -      )S,C,C
Savvides, Kanoullou (      -      )C,C
Savvides, Louis (1960-2013)C,C
Savvides, Maroulla (      -      )C,C
Savvides, Panayiota (      -      )S,C,C,P
Savvides, Panayiotis E. (1917-      )S,C,C
Savvides, Paraschos (1925-2005)S,S,C,C,P,P
Savvides, Savva (      -      )
Savvides, Savva (      -      )C,C
Savvides, Savvas (      -      )S,C,C,P,P,P,P
Savvides, Sozos (      -      )S,C,C,P,P
Savvides, Stavros (Between 1939/1941-2018)S,C,C
Savvides, Stelios Neophytos (Cir 1942-1974)S,C,C,P,P,P
Savvides, Stella Yiannis (      -      )S,C,C,P,P,P,P,P
Savvides, Theodora (      -      )S,C,C
Savvides, Varvara (      -      )S,C,C
Savvides, Yiannis (      -      )C,C
Savvides, Yiannis (1928-1994)S,C,C,P,P,P
Savvides, Yiannis K. (      -      )S,C,C,P,P,P
Savvides, Zacharias Efthymiou (1906-1996)S,C,C
Searles, Eliza (1840-1879)S,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P
Serjant, Lilian Dorothy Ruth (1897-1965)S,P,P,P,P
Shipman, Charles (Abt 1911-Abt 1968)S,P,P
Simpson, Mary Anne (Abt 1831-1910)S,S,C,C,P,P,P,P,P,P
Simpson, William (      -      )S,P
Smith, Albert Edwin (Abt 1861-1920)S,P,P,P,P,P,P
Smith, Annie May (1893-      )C,C
Smith, Archibald John (1897-1968)S,C,C,P,P,P,P,P
Smith, Felix Albert George MBE (1895-1975)S,C,C,P
Smith, John Alfred Albert (1928-1982)C,C
Smith, Leslie B. (1923-1938)C,C
Smith, Lillian Alberta Georgina (1890-1979)S,C,C
Smith, Reginald Frank (1898-Abt 1990)S,C,C
Smith, Winifred Evelyn (1891-1976)S,C,C
Stangrum, Margret (      -      )S,P,P
Stedman, Mabel (1874-      )S,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P
Stock, Dora Lydia (      -      )S,P,P
Storey, Alfred Edward (1877-Abt 1958)S,P
Storey, Violet Ada (1906-1998)S,C,C
Strickland, Thomas (1905-      )S,P
Stuart, Ann (Abt 1766-      )S,P,P,P,P,P
Swaine, Esther Eliza (Abt 1877-      )S,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P

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