About Me

I started this family history/genealogy/history blog because I am fascinated about how I arrived here and what came before me. But my musings are also a means of sharing some of the genealogical discoveries and experiences I make as I traverse my ancestral journey through time. I will, among other things, record details of my family history as well as my ongoing efforts to trace my ancestors, long lost and otherwise! I hope to chart a few of these experiences as I continue to explore my family history, with an ultimate goal of leaving something tangible for my descendants to enjoy in the decades and, possibly, centuries to come. I am also not averse to sharing what I learn from other family historians and genealogists along the way, so you need only ask.

Anthony Carter

Obviously, I have my own perspectives on family history as well as my own set of unique skills and a range of experiences. And did I mention that I am born of an English father and Greek Cypriot mother, making my family history quest equal parts exhilarating and exasperating! I hope everything combined will translate into an interesting read for whomever visits my little part of cyberspace.

Besides charting my own family history endeavours though, I hope to also offer some genealogy research tips and techniques, genealogical news and views, some specific family history stories, and general historical research that I think will make for an interesting read for whoever takes the time.