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My name is Anthony, the face behind Genealogical Footsteps. With over 20 years of passion-driven experience in family history and genealogy (I am not a professional genealogist), I’ve embarked on a journey that’s much more than a personal quest – it’s a legacy for future generations. Holding a BA in history, I have turned a fascination for the past into a lifelong pursuit of genealogical discovery.

Anthony Carter

My journey, rich with unexpected connections and poignant discoveries, extends from my Cypriot roots to diverse ancestries, including Celtic and Viking. DNA research has deepened this exploration, allowing my family and me to unravel our genetic heritage and connect with distant relatives, uncovering shared histories and narratives.

Join me in this exciting adventure of self-discovery and familial exploration. Whether you’re a seasoned genealogist or a beginner, let’s delve into the stories that define us and forge a link to the past, enriching our future. For any queries or to share your genealogical journey, feel free to reach out. Together, let’s uncover the ‘genealogical footsteps’ of our ancestors, making history a living legacy.

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