Book Reviews

Welcome to the Book Reviews section of my blog, a curated space where I share my personal insights into a selection of books that are pivotal for anyone engaged in genealogy and family history research. As a dedicated amateur genealogist and family historian, I have personally read each book featured here, ensuring that the reviews are based on my first-hand experience with the content and its applicability. These books are chosen for their ability to provide valuable information, practical methods, and innovative perspectives that enrich our understanding of our ancestral past. Whether you are deep into your genealogical journey or just starting to trace your family roots, the reviews here are crafted to guide you through the wealth of resources available, making your exploration both enlightening and enjoyable. (I am fully aware that many individuals make claims that they “review” books yet there is no proof of them ever having seen the book, let alone read it. To that end, each of my reviews features a photo of myself with a physical copy of the book in my hands.)

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