This Week’s News (w/e Fri 3 November 2023)

Welcome to this week’s roundup of the latest news and updates from around the main genealogy sites! As family historians and genealogists, it’s crucial to stay informed about the newest resources, features, and insights that can aid us in our quest to uncover the past. Whether you’re a seasoned researcher or just starting your family history journey, my weekly digest aims to bring you valuable information that can enrich your exploration. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this week’s highlights.

The Rich Legacy of All Saints’ Day: Origins, Traditions, and Ancestral Connections

This blog post from Ancestry discusses the origins and traditions of All Saints’ Day, a Christian holiday that celebrates the lives of all saints, known and unknown. The post also discusses how genealogy can help us to connect with our deceased ancestors and appreciate their legacy.

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Westmoreland Parish Updates on Findmypast

Findmypast announces the release of new parish records from Westmoreland, England. The records include baptisms, marriages, and burials from the 16th to the 19th centuries.

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After 75 Years, He Finally Found Out Who His Father Was and Reunited with 3 Siblings

MyHeritage tells the story of a man who used DNA testing to find his biological father and three siblings after 75 years. The post highlights the power of DNA testing to help people discover their family history and connect with lost loved ones.

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Discover Your Roots This Holiday with MyHeritage’s Early Holiday DNA Sale

Staying with MyHeritage, they have announced a holiday sale on DNA kits. The post also discusses the benefits of DNA testing for learning about your family history and ancestry.

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Lynne M. Jackson—RootsTech 2024

This blog post from FamilySearch announces that Lynne M. Jackson will be the keynote speaker at RootsTech 2024. Jackson is a professional genealogist and author with over 30 years of experience.

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Amy Archibald—Serving with a Servant’s Heart

FamilySearch also highlights the work of Amy Archibald, a volunteer who has dedicated over 20 years of service to FamilySearch. Archibald has helped to index millions of records and has made a significant contribution to the genealogy community.

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A Health Action Plan for You

23andMe provides tips on how to create a health action plan based on your genetic information. The post discusses the importance of understanding your genetic risk for certain diseases and taking steps to prevent them.

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Find a Grave Sponsorship Survey

At Find a Grave, they have announced a survey to collect feedback on the sponsorship program. The survey results will be used to improve the program and make it more beneficial for users.

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Aaron Graham and the Prison Hulks of the Early 19th Century

The National Archives UK discusses the work of Aaron Graham, a naval officer who documented the conditions on prison hulks in the early 19th century. Prison hulks were old ships that were used to house prisoners. The post provides a fascinating glimpse into this dark chapter in British maritime history.

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Save Our Graves: Cemeteries Added to Geneanet in October 2023

Geneanet announces the addition of new cemeteries to its database. The post also discusses the importance of preserving cemeteries and grave records.

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Geneastar: New Famous Family Trees Added in October 2023

Geneastar has announced the addition of new family trees of famous people to its database. The post also discusses the benefits of using Geneastar to learn about your family history.

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Do You Have Some Errors in Your Family Tree? Discover Our Consistency Checker

Geneanet discusses the consistency checker tool, which can be used to identify errors in your family tree. The post provides instructions on how to use the tool and how to fix any errors that are found.

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The Genealogy Gazette: Our News 1-11-23

The Society of Genealogists UK provides a summary of the latest news from the society. The post includes announcements about upcoming events, new publications, and other resources.

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The Genealogy Gazette: Community News 1-11-23

Remaining with the Society of Genealogists UK, they highlight the work of society members and volunteers. The post includes stories about genealogical research projects, volunteer work, and other contributions to the genealogy community.

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Ancestry DNA Offer

Ancestry announces a special offer on DNA kits. The post also discusses the benefits of DNA testing for learning about your family history and ancestry.

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